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We’re not your typical startup accelerator. We’re the first startup studio of its kind: a one-stop shop for tech startups who have a vision to become a unicorn.

ThinkingLab is a multidisciplinary, tech company that was founded in 2019 in Vancouver. We saw a need for startups wanting to build awesome tech products that didn’t have the knowledge or resources to begin.

Meet the Thinkers

We’re coders, engineers, doctors, and musicians. We call ourselves The Thinkers and our diverse backgrounds allow us to tackle any problem from a multifaceted perspective.

Mike Qureshi

CEO &Co Founder

Hands-on developer and technical architect, and trainer. He leads teams to achieve their goals. He is an agile agent of change, having worked with over a dozen startups as a fractional CTO and helping them achieve their business and technical goals.

Sean Mehrabi

Co Founder

Has many years of experience working in multinational firms in the Oil & Energy sector as well as as an IT consultant. Cloud integration, artificial intelligence and blockchain are what he claims to be his strengths but as someone who has handled government projects, there is definitely more to the story.

Dr. Manideep

We don’t have a name for his role but it’s important

Lydia Lukyanov

Marketing Intern

Tina Alidaei

UX/UI Designer Intern



Sagar Dhiman

Mobile Application developer

Suhailul Aslam

WordPress Developer

Bharath Nallamothu

Full stack Developer

Hari Krishna G

Devops Engineer



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