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Fractional CTO

The primary role of a Chief Technology Officer in any enterprise is to oversee the current technology and plan, report on the activities and manage tech requirements well.

However, many businesses don’t need a full-time CTO but they do need the expert technical advice. That’s where we step in.

Here is the breakdown:

  • 1 We come in with a fresh pair of eyes to review your strategy or business ideas. Think of it as a technical assessment.
  • 2 We then provide the best technical solutions for your startup including: app architecture, talent, UX/UI, strategic decisions, and technical cost management
  • 3 We oversee implementation, making sure it adheres to a business plan/timeline. Quarterly check-ins are also in place to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Shackfolio is a company we worked with as a Fractional CTO. As a fintech startup, the founder had the proof of concept but needed technical expertise to come up with the best technical solutions for his business.




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