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Orbiiit is an online talent competition system and a social network for artists, creatives, influencers, fans and brands in music, fashion, art, entertainment and sports.

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Managing Racism and Inclusion in the Workplace with AI.

They wanted to build a Diversity & Inclusion Metrics. He had the UI Mockups and wanted the product (MVP) to be built within 2 months. We met the crunch time and provided a different solution: a Data Analysis and Visualization platform.


A visual, formula and spreadsheet-free, Financial Scenario Builder.

They wanted to create a data-visualisation tool that helps with financial planning for families and businesses. We used a number of charts like D3 Charts, amp charts, etc. We also included Growth Hacking to attract early users as well as product demos.


Let technology make the final decision on where you eat out.

Hungerswipe came to us with an idea. We turned it into reality. They just wanted an app developer but then got so much more value as we coached them with our Fractional CTO services and laid down the best technological roadmap for them.


Let technology make the final decision on where you eat out.

Shackfolio is a fintech, real estate startup that needed a Fractional CTO and a better way to find clients. We gave them much more. ThinkingLab provided the backend staff, access to government grants, and a business development plan.


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